Executive Diploma in Strategic Management Mastery

Whole Course with Diploma
Price (Muscat): $17,000
Price (Live Virtual): $12,000
Credit Points: 130
GLH: 540
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The Purpose of

the Diploma

The primary aim of this diploma is to transform participants into proficient strategic management consultants and leaders capable of conceptualizing, planning, and executing complex strategies seamlessly.
By diving deep into a 12-step strategic management model segmented across four phases, strategic assessment, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategic oversight.

This program enables learners to convert strategic frameworks into actionable plans. It goes beyond theoretical learning, focusing on real-world application through hands-on assignments, case studies, and peer discussions.

Who is this Diploma For?
Mid-to-Senior Level Managers
Those responsible for strategic decision-making and looking to advance their skill sets.
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C-Level Executives
CEOs, COOs, CTOs, and other C-suite individuals aiming to integrate comprehensive strategic models into organizational operations.
Business Consultants
Professionals who guide businesses in strategic planning and implementation.
Those aiming to solidify their startup or established business through structured strategic planning and execution.
The primary aim of this program is to cultivate individuals into proficient strategic management consultants and professionals. This is achieved through the meticulous exploration of four key components:


In-depth Exploration of Strategic Concepts:

We extensively discuss strategic principles, tools, and procedures. The classroom environment is utilized as an interactive platform for practical learning.


Hands-On Assignments:

The participants are tasked to implement the learned concepts and tools within an organization of their choice. This is integral to the learning process, bridging the gap between theory and practice.


Real-Life Case Studies:

To ensure concrete understanding, students are encouraged to apply the discussed strategic concepts and tools to real-world scenarios within the classroom.


Interactive Discussion of Assignment Outcomes:

Participants present their assignment results in an open classroom forum, which fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, constructive criticism, and feedback from peers. This component comprises:

Interactive Discussion of Assignment Outcomes comprises:

Presentation of Findings:

Students must prepare a professional presentation detailing their findings and providing evidence-based results and recommendations.

Classroom Debate:

A rigorous professional discussion ensues among the participants. They present and defend their findings, tackle questions, address critiques, and incorporate diverse viewpoints. This process enhances the depth of intellectual debate and understanding.

Personal Video Summary:

Participants record a concise video summarizing their project. This video is uploaded to the program’s digital platform for broader exposure and feedback.

Advanced Research and Analysis

We allocate ample time for in-depth research, comprehensive analysis, presentation preparation, and professional discussions. We emphasize that credible sources and relevant evidence should support all analyses and recommendations.

The program’s curriculum thoroughly covers a strategic management model of twelve processes. These processes are segmented into seven independent units for a streamlined learning experience.

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