At Merit Academy, we don't just offer training programs; we sculpt leaders and reshape industries. We've empowered hundreds of professionals, elevating their managerial, strategic, and leadership capabilities and spearheading growth and distinction across their organisations.

Ms. Linda Purser, the former Executive Director of the Institute of Consulting, UK, perfectly encapsulates our ethos, remarking that our team "places partnership at the forefront, surpassing the traditional client-customer dynamic, thereby enabling the effective and impactful delivery of programs."

Over 70 prestigious corporate clients across public and private sectors have chosen Merit Academy as their ally in transformation in the past year alone. Our courses have invigorated various professionals, from hands-on operational managers and section heads to the echelons of leadership and CEOs.

Our track record speaks volumes. The glowing feedback from our bespoke programs consistently highlights our trainers' expertise and the efficacy of our workshops. It's clear: our unyielding commitment to excellence in management and leadership training isn't just a promise — it's a proven result.

What do learners say about our courses?


Our commitment to unparalleled excellence has been lauded globally. A snapshot of our accolades includes:

Pioneers in excellence, Merit Academy was the first in the Middle East to earn the “Recognized Practice” and “Premier Practice” awards from the UK Institute of Management Consultancy in 2007. In 2008, we made history as the first training institution outside the UK to be recognised as a “Chartered Manager Integration (CMI) Centre.”

In 2007, we uniquely positioned ourselves as the only international institute certified to offer the CMI Level 7 Management and Leadership postgraduate diploma in a non-English medium, opening the doors for numerous

Our unwavering dedication was celebrated in 2009 with the “Most Outstanding Centre” Award in London by the UK Institute of Management Consultancy, saluting our unparalleled contributions to advancing skills and learning.

Durham University, a globally revered institution, heralded our Level 7 Diploma as “high-quality” training in 2010.

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