Journey of a Toiler


The Journey of a Toiler is a novel that talks about a poor orphaned young man, with difficult circumstances that did not allow him to attend university studies, and as a result he struggles with all his efforts to achieve success, benefiting from some professional career planning techniques, and from Islamic concepts to develop himself and his capabilities, thus, life faces him with all its force and complexities, as if life challenges him intentionally.


If you appreciate strong, logical evidence, with a human touch, The Journey of a Toiler by author Abbas Al-Humaid is a must read.

In this novel Al-Humaid provides an allegorical approach to answering questions many have asked.

He dares to ask strong and bold questions about the existence of Man and the Creator.

Abbas has answered them through a series of events he personally experienced and hence, the story comes from the depth of his heart and goes directly to the heart of the reader.

The Journey of a Toiler is a unique book. The author shares his personal experiences and lessons learned while experiencing life.

“What characterizes the book is the realism of the events and places. The novel goes in a smooth pace and easy language as if you are listing to it face to face. This is an important addition to the bookshelf in the era of information explosion. It removes you from your reality to another bigger and deeper reality.”

— Dr. Kifah Fayyadh, Personal Development Advisor

Abbas Al Humaid demonstrates his intellectual and cultural understanding by giving the Islamic concepts a firm foundation. He clarifies the Islamic intellectual system using beautiful images of life in all its bitter sweetness and shows that Islam shapes and directs the whole human journey.

— Sayyed Munir Al-Khabbaz, a famous Islamic Scholar

The Journey of a Toiler: Islamic view of life from the perspective of daily life enables the reader to become insightful and thoughtful from various angles. The book is characterized by the realism of events and places.

Abbas claims not to be a scholar in religion, nor specialized in the Islamic doctrines. He is just an ordinary person sailing along the course of life, with a small family, and pursued a good life, security, truth, and Allah’s blessing.

The Journey of a Toiler by Abbas Al-Humaid is available in digital and paperback formats. Get your copy today and start your personal journey of discovery of the Islamic doctrine.


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