Dr. Jonathan D. Stearns

Distinguished Business Strategist and experienced Management Consultant
Educational Background & Certifications

Dr. Jonathan D. Stearns is a highly qualified professional, boasting a substantial educational background that includes a B.A. in Organizational/Interpersonal Communications, an MBA in Organizational Development, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. Furthermore, he has earned the coveted Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) from the reputable HR Certification Institute (USA).

Proven Expertise Across Various Business Sizes

With over two decades of executive experience, Dr. Stearns has become a perceptive business strategist and valued management consultant. He has mastered providing astute advice on intricate issues at various stages of the business lifecycle. He consistently offers “best of class” solutions that benefit his clients, whether they run large, mid, or small-cap companies.

Proven Expertise Across Various Business Sizes

Commencing his illustrious career at Reynolds & Reynolds, Dr. Stearns was entrusted with the role of Certified Trainer, a position in which he thrived, training thousands of employees from over 100 companies. Following this fruitful period, he established a consulting and training practice, concentrating on operational process improvement and management training, thus helping clients achieve remarkable organizational efficiencies.

In a notable career highlight, Dr. Stearns took on a challenging role in Kuwait, managing a company’s training function that successfully delivered training programs to over 7,500 employees. This position showcased his capability to handle significant responsibility and execute large-scale training initiatives with finesse.

Leadership & Organizational Development Roles

Dr. Stearns further expanded his professional horizon by joining Omantel, where he played a pivotal role as Senior Advisor. He not only set up a subsidiary training company, Oman Telecommunications Institute but also effectively managed Omantel’s internal training department. His visionary leadership saw the establishment of the Career Development, Succession Planning, and Performance Management departments, significantly contributing to the organization’s developmental agenda.
In subsequent roles, including his tenure as the Business Improvement Manager at Shaleem Petroleum Company, Dr. Stearns has demonstrated exemplary leadership and strategic thinking. He was instrumental in aligning the company with international operational standards while overseeing the Human Resources department, where he spearheaded the development of a comprehensive organizational structure, a five-year Omanisation plan, job descriptions, salary and grading structures, and formulating HR policies and procedures.
From 2016 to 2022, Dr. Stearns served as a Management Consultancy Partner at Mazars Oman, where he diligently catered to clients on strategy and management consultancy matters. In this role, he managed services for a diverse clientele, providing invaluable insights and strategic advice, drawing from his extensive experience and profound understanding of business operations and management. Dr. Stearns’ contributions have consistently empowered clients to navigate complex operational, commercial, and financial issues with confidence and foresight.


Dr. Jonathan D. Stearns encapsulates a blend of academic theory and hands-on experience, making him an asset for those seeking to understand and navigate the intricacies of management, leadership, and strategy. Entrusting your professional development to Dr. Stearns means placing yourself in competent and experienced hands, where knowledge meets practice for transformative learning and understanding.

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