Edward F Boyle

MBA, CAIA, FMVA: Strategist Merging Finance, Technology,and Global Acumen
A Diverse Portfolio of Expertise

Edward F. Boyle is an elite Strategic Management Advisor with a varied background in finance, technology, and executive leadership. Having advised giants like Apple, HP, and Sony, as well as high-growth ventures backed by industry titans, Edward's approach is as versatile as precise.

Academic Foundations

He holds an MS in Engineering Design (AI Robotics) from Stanford University and an MBA from Boston University in Heidelberg, Germany and BS in Aerospace from West Point, USMA. His rich academic credentials are complemented by prestigious certifications such as CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) and FMVA (Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst).

Financial Stewardship

In the financial sector, Edward has managed portfolios in Asset Management firms with assets of up to $250 billion. He has developed high-yield, globally diversified investment programs spanning 50 countries and 150 markets. Sovereign wealth funds and major institutional clients worldwide have endorsed his financial strategies.

Tech Innovator

In the tech sphere, Edward co-founded an AI company funded by Apple and started another media software firm in Silicon Valley with Apple, HP, Sony, and other tech leaders as clients. His technology expertise extends to digital transformation, AI, and blockchain finance.

International Experience

Edward’s global perspectives are not just academic; they are lived experiences. He has been involved in development projects in Istanbul, Europe, and Asia, and this international acumen imbues his financial strategies with rare cultural insights.

Proven Track Record

His roles have ranged from guiding Private Equity and Venture Capital investors including the former Head of Private Equity at Blackrock and a top 1% Venture Capital Fund Manager working for Saudi Arabia’s PIF. He was a Global Macro Investment Manager at several top tier companies in including American Century, Brevan Howard Asset Management and FX Concepts.

Executive-Level Consultation

Whether it’s conducting complex scenario analyses for C-Suite Executives or preparing investor-ready financial projections, Edward has a proven track record. His methodologies are designed to guide and inspire, drawing a fine line between financial gain and value-based leadership.


Edward F. Boyle is more than a strategic advisor; he is a multifaceted professional who can navigate the complexities of global markets, financial systems, and technological landscapes. His guidance promises financial growth and a strategic edge that prepares businesses for future challenges.

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