Hussein Ahmed Mohamed

CIPD Assoc

Hussein Ahmed Mohamed is an esteemed Training and Consultancy Supervisor with twelve years of in-depth experience, specializing in Learning and Development (L&D) within prominent organizations, including Vodafone and its international partners. Hussein is a leader in crafting training and development strategies, having led various successful training projects across the Middle East, including Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman. His commitment is evident in his efforts to seamlessly merge academic theory and practical hands-on experience to achieve strategic objectives.

Career Journey

Since 2014 – Hussein has been a pivotal figure at VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions) as a Training & Consultancy Supervisor. In this role, he leads a dynamic team of L&D consultants, managing the entire learning process, from needs analysis to content design, delivery, coaching, and assessment. Hussein is known for his hands-on approach, engaging clients across Egypt, Europe, North Africa, and the GCC, and crafting bespoke training solutions to meet their unique needs.

Achievements at VOIS

Under Hussein’s leadership, the team launched the Vodafone Oman Training Academy for Call Centre and Retail Teams, achieving an unparalleled Net Promoter Score (NPS) against competitors in Oman. He also designed and delivered a comprehensive training academy for Bank Misr employees at all levels. Other noteworthy achievements include delivering leadership and communication workshops for various firms in Oman, providing consultancy services to Jawwal (Palestine), and introducing innovative approaches in training design like experiential learning and simulations. Through his endeavors, Hussein has consistently ensured business results are achieved and performance gaps are bridged for all clients.
2012 to 2014 – Serving as a L&D Senior Consultant at Vodafone Qatar, Hussein managed a team of professionals across Egypt, India, Qatar, and Jordan. He successfully delivered induction training to new hires, managed end-to-end training projects, and implemented a full-fledged training plan for Vodafone Qatar’s new call center in Jordan.
2011 to 2012 – As a Trainer for Vodafone UK, he conducted induction trainings for UK accounts based in Egypt, effectively managing pre-training preparations and logistics.
2009 to 2011 – Hussein commenced his career as a UK Customer Care Senior Advisor for Vodafone International Services, where he expertly handled customer billing and technical queries, providing outstanding customer experiences and actively retaining high-churn customers.

Educational Background & Professional Development

Hussein is a graduate in English Literature and Translation from the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain Shams University. His commitment to continuous learning and development is demonstrated by various professional certifications, including an IELTS Certificate (Band 7), a Level 5 L&D Certificate from CIPD (UK), and professional training courses from Friesen Kay & Associates (FKA) in Canada, where he completed the Instructor Excellence and Professional Instructor programs. He also excelled in a Conversation Course at the British Council in Cairo, attaining a Grade of Excellent.


Hussein Ahmed Mohamed is a seasoned L&D professional whose rich academic background and hands-on experience in training and consultancy uniquely position him as a leader in the field. His proven track record of successful project management, training delivery, and team leadership, along with his ability to design and implement effective learning interventions, make him a valuable asset to any training and development initiative. With Hussein, students and clients are assured of receiving top-notch training that is not only theoretically sound but also practically relevant and impactful.

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