Mwafaq Ziyadat

Dr. Muwaffaq Musa Al-Ziyadat, born in Jordan in 1964, holds Jordanian citizenship, and has more than thirty years of practical and administrative experience. He holds a PhD in management / creativity and administrative innovation, and has worked as a consultant in institutional transformation, and an expert in future foresight and strategic planning in many Arab countries. / Director of the King Abdullah Times Center, His Excellency Mr. Daoud Al-Hajri, President of Dubai Municipality, His Excellency Mr. Khalifa bin Dray, Director General of Dubai Ambulance, His Excellency, the Director General of the Jordan News Agency, Mr. Faiq Hijazin).

Dr. Muwafaq is one of the most prominent leaders and arbitrators of the qualification programs of various institutions in the public and private sectors and business associations to obtain the highest international excellence awards, in accordance with the requirements of excellence standards in force globally,regionally, and in the Arab world, such as the European model for quality EFQM,and the recently established fourth generation G4 system in the United Arab Emirates, which includes One of its most important criteria is strategic planning.


Dr. Muwafaq Al-Ziyadat is building strategic plans, reviewing and developing their various publications for dozens of governmental and private institutions, such as:the Jordanian Prime Ministry, Dubai Municipality, the Human Resources Development and Employment Authority / the United Arab Emirates and the Marriage Fund-UAE, the project to develop the municipalities’ operations of the Eastern Region Emirate-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Saline Water Conversion Corporation / Saudi Arabia, the Jordanian Housing and Military Works Directorate, the General Directorate of Jordan Civil Defense, the Jordanian Zakat Fund, the Meteorological Department, the General Budget Department, the Investment Unit for Social Security, the Jordan News Agency, etc. Among the private sector institutions: The Maltrans Group of Companies, GIMP, etc. Business Associations: Iraqi Businessmen Association, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Award for Educational Excellence Association.


Dr. Ziyadat also built sub-strategies such as the social responsibility strategy for the Ministry of Presidential Affairs / UAE, the knowledge strategy, the communications strategy in the Jordanian Prime Ministry, the Housing and Military Works Corporation, the Jordanian Zakat Fund, the General Budget Department, the Meteorological Department, and the strategic plan for human resources. /Desalination Corporation / Saudi Arabia.


The work of Dr. Increases, on building risk management systems, and business continuity system in many institutions such as Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Mohammed bin Rashid Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, and Sharjah Sports Council, according to quality specifications 31000, 22301, where he is considered one of the international lecturers in risk management and business continuity as an accredited auditor From PSI-UK.


Dr. Ziadat from training experts and a certified trainer of trainers to obtain a TOT certificate from the United States of America. He is a certified trainer in Jordan,the United Arab Emirates (Al Motamayez Consulting, Best Practices and Smart Brain .. and the Kingdom of Bahrain (the Institute of Teachers and Achievers), Iraqand the Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (ADEX) ….., and a certified trainer in the field of social responsibility, corporate governance, strategic planning and knowledge management, measuring the results of institutional performance according to the RADAR methodology and its amendments, simplifying processes and procedures,the seven points of waste and the five points in the work environment 5S and 7wastes, methodically in terms of human resources (replacement plans, career paths, welfare plans ….) and various administrative skills (building effective work teams, decision-making and problem solving, time management,..)


Dr. Increases training of 200training programs to date in various Arab countries such as Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, where more than 2,000 trainees from various administrative levels participated in these programs.

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