Stephen Marshall

strategy consultant, business researcher, and marketanalyst

Stephen Marshall is a seasoned strategy consultant, business researcher, and market analyst, possessing a rich tapestry of global experience. His expertise shines particularly across the Asian and Middle Eastern landscapes. A skilled business writer, he seamlessly intertwines management theory with hands-on experience. He has penned numerous research reports, white papers, and practitioner guides that delve into digital disruption and the strategic confluence of business and IT.

Key Accomplishments

  • Spearheaded IBM’s Global C-suite Study research programme for the Institute for Business Value in Asia-Pacific and MENA, illuminating the collaborative tactics of C-level executives in tackling industry challenges.
  • Authored the influential Dubai Sharing Economy report for the Dubai Government, highlighting ways to enhance the city-state’s GDP by removing structural barriers and disincentives against innovation and entrepreneurship.

Professional Experience

Stephen boasts an illustrious career that mirrors a unique blend of strategic foresight, leadership acumen, and hands-on experience in strategy consulting and business analysis.

In his current role as an independent Strategy Consultant, Stephen has played an instrumental role in steering a range of pivotal projects. Noteworthy among them is his work for Mint Software Development, where he crafted a market assessment to guide the company’s expansion into Europe. He also conducted extensive industry research for analyst firm BuddeComm across Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, helping clients navigate the rapidly evolving telecommunications sector. His collaborative endeavours with Dell Technologies and RMA Consulting in MENA underscore his proficiency in developing evaluative frameworks, readiness assessments, and benchmarking tests for strategic initiatives.

Between 2013 and 2020, as the Global C-suite Study Program Manager at IBM’s Institute for Business Value, Stephen spearheaded a team of strategy consultants and analysts to produce a series of insightful articles and industry reports that shed light on the intricate dynamics of executive roles in an era marked by rapid innovation, fierce competition, and shifting customer relationships.

Earlier, his tenure as a Senior Management Consultant with IBM Global Business Services (2007 – 2012) saw him leading business transformation programmes for clients in Australia and New Zealand. Stephen was instrumental in crafting future-state models, optimizing processes, and restructuring business operations, reflecting his deep understanding and application of strategic and operational principles.

In the early 2000s, Stephen held significant positions with major corporations around Asia-Pacific. As Product Portfolio Manager at Telstra Corporation in Australia, he managed a complex customer relationship management portfolio. He also played a crucial role in establishing Virgin Mobile’s cutting-edge customer service hub in Singapore, facilitating the brand’s expansion in Southeast Asia.

Stephen’s earlier stints include establishing the Asia-Pacific arm of Vanguard Communications Corporation, providing specialized consulting services on customer service strategy and operations, and managing the design and deployment of the world’s first-ever nationwide rollout of voice messaging services on a public telephone network at Telecom Corporation in New Zealand.

Each role and responsibility undertaken by Stephen over the years reflects a commitment to excellence, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the global business landscape, making him a seasoned professional with a proven track record.


  • Master of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic), University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1989. 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Criminology), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 1992.
  • Master Certified Architect (Open CA®), The Open Group.
  • Certified Business Architect (CBA®), Business Architecture Guild.
  • Certified Management Consultant, IBM Global Business Services.

Stephen’s journey is a testament to melding theoretical prowess with unparalleled practical knowledge, ensuring learners are immersed in a rich educational experience.

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