What others are saying about Abbas Al-Humaid…



  • Richard LobleyRichard Lobley, Vice President, Strategy, Projects and Controls

“Abbas has a unique blend of entrepreneurial instinct and capability, combined with “blue chip” consulting skills and experience. Abbas approaches all his projects with great energy and enthusiasm, utilising his extensive network to the full to achieve business success.”





  • Jose L Lora, Ex-CEO, Inma Property Development LLC

“Abbas Al Humaid has collaborated extensively with “Inma Property Development LLC”. Abbas is very detail oriented and helped us to establish our market position, our core goal system and the core competencies required to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. We are thankful to Abbas for his leadership qualities and his attention to details which were instrumental in helping the team to focus. We wholeheartedly give Abbas our recommendation as a person who is a problem solver and has added great value to our organization.”




  • Marjorie GardyneMarjorie Gardyne CIPD, CMC, FIBC, FCMI, CMgr

“Abbas has been the driving force introducing accredited professional management programmes throughout the Gulf region. He has a high intellectual capability bringing experience and structure along with the gravitas needed to lead the organisation. He is strategically orientated, and his personality could be described as: Eager, Forward Thinking, Organized, and Compassionate. Abbas is strategically orientated, demonstrates masterful knowledge and possess diverse management skills to achieve positive results for the organisation.”


  • Tareq al Suwaidan

“Few people in the nation have the ability to think like you (Abbas) do”








  • Loic Wallaert, Adviser to the Mazars Group Executive Board

“Abbas Al-Humaid fully shares our values and demonstrates the commitment to excellence and professionalism that we seek in our partners.”






  • Yahya Abu Zakaria, Arabic Journalist

Abbas Al Humaid is a researcher and a creative writer. He sailed in the realms of innovation and epistemological creation. He is not just an expert in the management, financial, and auditing consults and leadership of enterprises and strategies, he is also well versed in the Arabic and Islamic culture. He led serious attempts to formulate a renaissance for the Arabic and Islamic world.”





  • Lynda Purser, Ex-Director Institute of Management Consultancy, UK

“The Institute has also awarded Mr. Abbas Ali Mahmood a fellowship of the institute of Management Consultancy, UK (FIMC). FIMC is the highest level of professional membership and is awarded to those who can demonstrate evidence of a significant contribution to the management consultancy profession.”





  • Dr Nick Clifford, PhD, MBA, MCMI, FRSA Senior Fellow, Manchester Business School, UK

“Abbas has acquired a considerable educational background which provides him with the necessary academic and theoretical knowledge of strategic management to be authoritative in his views. He is well versed in the theory of strategy and strategy formulation – working in a large corporate organization has provided him with the knowledge and experience to work effectively in such environments. He is also creative and has written on the subject of strategy and the need for better strategic thinking across the corporate world.”



  • Adrian French, Ex-Business Development Manager, Chartered Management Institute, UK

“I have known Abbas now for 3 years. He is very business focused and always acts in a very professional manner. He can be relied upon to deliver high quality, accredited management programmes for his clients.”





  • 10. Adil H Al LawatiAdil H Al Lawati CMgr, CEO, RMS, Insurance Brokers, Oman

“I can say that this program has really opened my eyes to the real science of management and leadership and structured my way of thinking about how to go about it. It taught me how to go about gathering information, the data analyzing them and then using that analysis, to make decisions and then to take them.

So, it helped me to make the right decisions, and as well it helped me to execute the strategies and the plans set by top management and also to lead my team and make them go with me and support me in executing the strategies.

How to set vision and mission? That was a big question in my mind and the program has really made me answer and know-how about it.”

  • Wissam Steitie, CEO Manchester Innovation and Technology Academy

“I learned from the program how to manage the team, how to change the behavior of my team, and also the most important thing, how to do strategic planning, strategic analysis, and design the goals, objectives and KPIs, the visions and missions, how to measure the success of your strategy, and the most important thing, is the change management.”





  • Hussain Al Lawati CMgr, CEO Creative Soul Group
  • “Whether when I was in a variety of jobs and a variety of corporate roles on the senior management levels, or when I was running my own business as an entrepreneur, Abbas gave me the opportunity and the edge to convey this information to the circles around me, whether that is youngsters’ new generations or SME’s from a leadership perspective and also from as I said theories in the commercial world.”
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